RGB ColourTM Generator by Hetz Corp.

I’ve been tasked with designing a new visual identity and instructional materials for the Hertz Corporation, the world’s leading manufacturer of scientific instrumentation specialising in making highly accurate standard-keeping devices. The new branding is to be premiered with the unveiling of the company’s latest product line, System 5000.

Hertz RGB Colour Generator is the newest addition to the System 5000 product line. It has been designed for research, colour calibration, comparison, and certification purposes. It is universally recognised as a point of reference for standard keeping, alongside the atomic clock and International Prototype Metre (IPM). It generates hues within the RGB spectrum with the
highest quality and accuracy possible. High fidelity of colour generation is achieved via patented process of fusing three luminosity channels: RedTM, GreenTM, and BlueTM.

The idea was largely inspired by 1960’s IBM mainframe computers with their slick, retro-futuristic design. I was also drawn to the idea of a big, complicated machine being built to serve only one purpose.